Our platform of builder-driven businesses looks to hire people who believe in the power of community and collective wisdom. We are a team of relentless, creative problem solvers who want to help people learn and do more, better, faster. Are you in?

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Values are how we turn our character into commitments and action. They guide how we operate across business lines and as individuals.

Build for learners (and doers)

We create sustainable and substantive value for learners of every kind. We combine a deep focus on the user experience and data-driven decision making to meet customers’ needs across their learning and productivity journey.

Improve, always

We invite feedback and use it to improve ourselves, our work and relationships. We seek first to understand, then to be understood. We build on our successes while continuing to learn from others.

Execute with teamwork

As teams, we come together to get diverse input and pressure test ideas to arrive at the best decisions. We collaborate with a bias for getting things done—working purposefully and efficiently as a team.

Take ownership

We take ownership of our decisions, successes, and misses. As business owners, we are accountable to our teams and our customers. As a fellowship of companies, we are accountable to each other.

Drive with determination

In envisioning a world that doesn’t exist today, we are relentlessly optimistic and laser focused. We problem solve with persistence. We experiment, take risks, and ultimately find many paths to success.

Foster belonging

We value perspectives and experiences that are different than our own. To build trust and understanding, we create an open environment where everyone can feel heard, respected, and a sense of belonging.

Open Positions

Open roles at CliffsNotes, Course Hero, Learneo, LitCharts, and Symbolab are listed below. If you are interested in opportunities at other Learneo companies, visit the careers pages of QuillBot and Scribbr.

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