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Better Together

A letter from our CEO

A world where everyone has the resources to learn and achieve their fullest potential. That’s our vision. 

To accomplish this, we are pioneering a platform of builder-driven businesses, all united around a shared mission of supercharging productivity and learning for everyone. The simple and powerful belief that we are building around is that we are better together. And together, we are Learneo. 

In just two years, our team has expanded from one business to six. We’ve broadened the categories in which we work and expanded the opportunities for those we serve.

Together, we are building on over a decade of consistent and sustainable growth and profitability. That legacy of operational and financial stewardship is shared among our businesses, forming a strong foundation for long-term success and allowing us to continue investing in our teams, technology, and other values-aligned builders.

In a massive, fragmented, and fast-changing online productivity and learning market, it’s challenging for any individual company to build great products at scale. As a platform of businesses, we are made up of a collection of smaller, decentralized, entrepreneurial teams. We ruthlessly prioritize, go deep in our respective areas of expertise, make bets, and move fast. We look ahead to what’s next with a bias for action, and we optimize for efficiency and impact. Our name, Learneo, and our visual identity reflect our commitment to builders and to learning by doing.

Learneo is a portmanteau of learn and neo. Learning is at the heart of all of our businesses, and neo represents a new, revived form. It's also a nod to the popular fictional character known for reaching their fullest potential by learning while doing.

People’s lives—and their path to developing skills and growth—are more complex, more diverse, and more continuous. Learning is no longer sequential. Learning and doing are happening simultaneously, across shorter time periods and contexts. Learning is our most powerful engine for productivity.

Learneo exists to help people learn and do more, faster, better, and more affordably. We invite you to join us on this journey. 

Andrew Grauer


We attract and scale high growth businesses built and run by visionary entrepreneurs. Each team innovates independently but has a unique opportunity to collaborate, experiment, and grow together.


The creator of iconic study guides that have been trusted by high school and college students for more than 60 years.
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Course Hero

An online learning platform helping millions of students and thousands of educators to share and access educational resources.
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Course Hero


The creator of literature resources used by millions of students and teachers to develop and support a better understanding of literary texts.
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A writing companion powered by state-of-the-art AI technology that can help anyone improve their writing skills and communicate more effectively.
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A multilingual editing service guiding students on their journey to become better academic writers through AI tools and expert feedback.
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An AI-based mathematics solver used by hundreds of millions of students worldwide to solve any math problem.
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Strong values, operational experience, and creative problem solving drive our innovation. We deliver sustainable, profitable growth, using data to make informed decisions.
Andrew Grauer
Cofounder & CEO, Learneo
Gregor Carrigan
Cofounder, Learneo
Michal Avny
CEO, Symbolab
Rohan Gupta
CEO, QuillBot
Justin Kestler
CEO, CliffsNotes & LitCharts
John Peacock
CEO, Course Hero
Bas Swaen
CEO, Scribbr
Kris Espiritu
VP, Finance, Learneo
Monique Ho
EVP, General Counsel, & Chief Compliance Officer, Learneo
Steve Van Horne
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer, Learneo

Board of Directors

Tim Connor
NewView Capital
Mark L. Feldman
Ph.D. Founder, Five Frogs Ventures; Former Head of Global M&A, PwC
Andrew Grauer
CEO & Founder, Learneo; Cofounder, Course Hero
Frederick Grauer
Ph.D. Senior Advisor, Learneo; Former Chairman & CEO,
Barclays Global Investors
Mark Klein
Chief Executive Officer, President & Director,
SURO Capital
Gokul Rajaram
Corporate Development, DoorDash


Like the entrepreneurs we empower, our investors believe the key to driving exponential impact (and returns) lies in the power of collective wisdom and collaboration. We are better together.  

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