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Together, we're shaping a world where everyone has the resources to learn and achieve their fullest potential.
”Learneo exists to help people learn and do more, faster, better, and more affordably”
Letter from our CEO
Letter from Our CEO


We attract and scale high growth businesses built and run by visionary entrepreneurs. Each team innovates independently and has a unique opportunity to collaborate, experiment, and grow together.


The creator of iconic study guides that have been trusted by high school and college students for more than 60 years

Course Hero

An online learning platform helping millions of students and thousands of educators share and access educational resources


A multilingual AI-powered writing platform helping anyone write and improve their spelling, grammar, and communication across more than 25 languages.


The creator of literature resources used by millions of students and teachers to develop and support a better understanding of literary texts


A writing companion powered by state-of-the-art AI technology that can help anyone improve their writing skills and communicate more effectively


A multilingual editing service guiding students on their journey to become better academic writers through AI tools and expert feedback


A suite of supplemental learning technologies offering high-quality educational content, study, and writing tools to support students across several languages.


An AI-based mathematics solver used by hundreds of millions of students worldwide to solve any math problem

Our team

Strong values, operational experience, and creative problem solving drive our innovation. We are optimistic, persistent creators and problem solvers.
Justin Kestler
CEO, LitCharts
Gregor Carrigan
Andrew Grauer
Kris Espiritu
VP, Finance, learneo
Michal Anvy
CEO, Symbolab
Bas Swaen
CEO, Scribbr
Rohan Gupta
John Peacock
CEO, Course Hero


These principles reflect our strategic intent and manifest themselves in our priorities, actions, and policies.

Future focus

We seek and support teams defining a new generation of learning. We take a forward-thinking and data-driven approach to finding, managing, and scaling new opportunities. We manage responsibly, committed to sustainability for the long term.

Empowered entrepreneurs

We are stewards to best-in-class builders and leaders—giving them autonomy while supporting them with the insights they need to accelerate their businesses. As a platform of businesses, we help create mobility and opportunity across the portfolio. As entrepreneurs, we optimize for efficiency and impact.

Better together

We believe meaningful progress takes shared understanding, shared opportunity, and shared work. Outstanding business leadership comes first.  From there, we build fellowship with one another to help each entrepreneur drive their business to exponential success and impact. Quite simply, we make 1 + 1 = 3.


We are better together.
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Build the next generation of productivity & learning.

We hire future-focused problem solvers that love to tackle challenges as a team. Does that sound like you?