Entrepreneurship is often a lonely endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. At Learneo, we bring together visionary entrepreneurs to continue growing and leading their businesses while also collaborating, experimenting, and growing together. The Learneo approach is distinct in a few ways.

The opportunity

Throughout the course of my career, I’ve had the good fortune of working in a range of industries during pivotal moments for those sectors, including productivity and collaboration software, digital media, and entertainment. I see similar trends and potential at this moment as I did in my previous roles, particularly for education technology and skill development companies. To that end, in April 2023, I joined Learneo to support its vision of reaching and supporting the needs of more people in more ways throughout the course of their learning, careers and lives. With the broader sector dynamics in mind, we are scaling Learneo’s corporate development strategy by bringing together entrepreneurs who serve closely correlated learning and productivity needs. 

People are pursuing education and skill development in a more continuous and complex way. Learning is not a linear process, and being a productive human is a constant effort for learners and professionals alike. Over 40% of the U.S. college student population is working while studying, and more than 80% of U.S. graduate school students are working while studying. Learneo's businesses serve students and professionals who are learning and doing in parallel.

The learning and productivity sector is massive and fragmented. The current economy presents a challenging environment for any startup or growth-stage company to develop and scale great products, let alone the conditions and nuance of this sector.

Empowered and supported entrepreneurs

In creating Learneo as a platform of businesses, the mix of autonomy, decentralization, empowerment, and responsibility has been of paramount importance to Andrew Grauer, Learneo’s Cofounder and CEO. Andrew firmly believes in letting CEOs be CEOs to lead their teams and continue to go deep into solving the problems they set out to solve. 

Today, there are seven CEOs on the Learneo platform, and each leader is responsible for their respective businesses while also collaborating and experimenting together. Because we’re on the same team, they share their learnings to inform each other of what worked and didn’t work, and they look for opportunities to integrate products, services, and promotions to create more value for users. They operate as a fellowship of sorts, growing Learneo as a whole. 

We’re already seeing compelling integrations across our businesses, most recently in the area of multilingual writing assistance. For example, a collaborative effort between LanguageTool, Scribbr, and QuillBot has resulted in best-in-class German and French grammar checking being built and launched incredibly quickly.

Your fullest potential

We are always looking to build with more world class entrepreneurs on Learneo’s platform—leaders and teams that are creative problem solvers, efficient, and effective operators, and aligned with our values. We are looking for teams that are defining a new generation of learning and productivity using advanced technology.

We hope you see the potential for you and your team to grow bigger and better together at Learneo. Reach out; we’d love to hear from you.

Introducing Learneo, a platform of learning and productivity brands, built for an evolving knowledge economy

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Introducing Learneo, a platform of learning and productivity brands, built for an evolving knowledge economy

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