Andrew Grauer, who co-founded EdTech unicorn Course Hero in his college dorm room in 2006, today announced the formation of Learneo, an ambitious new platform of businesses that will develop and acquire productivity and learning technologies. With over 100 million monthly active users and a combined revenue of more than $200 million across its six businesses, Learneo aims to attract entrepreneurs and builders eager to empower anyone to achieve their fullest potential.

“In a knowledge economy, learning is our most powerful productivity tool, and learning cuts across many contexts,” said Andrew Grauer, CEO of Learneo. “We’ve created a platform where ambitious builders of businesses and technologies can thrive. It’s about empowering entrepreneurs to chart their own course while tapping the expertise and insights of a rapidly expanding network. Together, we’re committed to helping people learn more, faster, better, and more affordably — wherever that learning occurs.”

Learneo currently comprises six, distinct operating businesses, five of which were acquired over the past two years: CliffsNotes, Course Hero, LitCharts, QuillBot, Scribbr, and Symbolab. Individually, and together, Learneo brands are pioneering advances in a wide range of applications for emergent technologies, including the use of AI to improve people’s writing, reading and math skills, in school, professional and daily life. The company has surpassed 3 million subscriptions per year and is targeting 50 million subscriptions per year by the end of 2030.

“Although its brands have deep roots in education, Learneo is ultimately investing in businesses that support the development of foundational skills that unlock productivity. Its strategy reflects the reality that the era of one-and-done learning is over - and that the imperative of lifelong learning demands the fusion of learning and productivity tools,”  said Matt Witheiler, Consumer/Technology Sector Lead, Wellington Management. “The idea of productivity as learning may seem like a relatively novel concept now. Over the next decade, we believe that it will become commonplace.”

Last December, Learneo, formerly known as Course Hero, Inc. raised $395 million in series C funding, marking the company’s value at $3.6 billion.

Reaching your fullest potential: a vision for founders and entrepreneurs

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Reaching your fullest potential: a vision for founders and entrepreneurs

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